Geotechnical Services

TSGS staff has been providing geotechnical services and a wide range of economical solutions to clients for more than 30 years, and they are skilled in providing various soil and construction materials testing services.

TSGS will provide professional and certified technicians that will work as part of our client’s construction team to keep the project on track when dealing with foundations, soils, concrete, or asphalt.


Soil testing services can identify potential site problems early, which will allow for fast solutions to the conditions, thus keeping costs and facility performance within scope of the project. TSGS can inspect subgrade preparation, grading, testing, and utility installation onsite, and provide controlled testing in our Army Corps of Engineers certified laboratory.

  • On‐site and/or off‐site, borrow quarry’s evaluations for structural fill requirements
  • Earthwork Control and Consulting Services
  • Assess the need for moisture conditioning and alternatives.
  • Suggest alternatives for construction equipment and as well as procedures
  • Evaluate the need for drainage, undercutting, stabilization or geotextiles as potential solutions for problem subgrade soils
  • Provide an overview of grading activities and specifications
  • Performing in‐place density testing in accordance with ASTM Specifications



Development on a complex and demanding environment may encounter situations where specific evaluations are to be performed. Our highly qualified Geotechnical Engineers have performed in multiple occasions services as described:

  • Slope Stability Recommendations
  • Soil Settlement Analysis
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Earth Retaining Structures Consulting
  • Excavation Support System Design
  • Groundwater Seepage Analysis
  • Geostructural Design Services
  • Liquefaction Potential Analysis
  • Erosion Control
  • Dewatering Systems and Design
  • Ground Improvement Techniques Consulting



TSG can provide complete assessment of concrete batching operations, placement and curing procedures, field and laboratory testing to ensure the quality of the concrete provided at the worksite

  • Sampling and testing of Cement, Mortar and Masonry Samples
  • Sample fresh concrete on site for air content, slump, temperature and unit weight
  • Form cylinders and beams for strength tests
  • Observe and document concrete placement conditions
  • Evaluate hardened in‐place concrete where suspected deficiencies are detected. Also,provide recommendations, procedures and materials to repairs such deficiencies.
  • Evaluate and provide recommendations for special materials such as grout, epoxies,hardeners, high‐density concrete, semi‐light and lightweight concretes



Geosynthetics can play a major role in some projects. Geosynthetic components include liners, geotextile filters, soil stabilizing grids and synthetic drainage materials. Geosynthetics are increasingly being specified for use in containment and retention structures, subgrades, and earthen structure stabilization. Our experience in this emerging field can help expedite the progress of the project.

We provide:

  • Geosynthetic design and specifications
  • Subgrade and geosynthetic field placement observations
  • Non‐destructive and destructive testing of geomembrane seams
  • Documentation for construction quality assurance plans



Asphalt field and laboratory testing services can be performed to ensure the asphalt pavement system is constructed in accordance with the project plans and specifications.

We provide:

  • Batch plant testing to assess aggregate gradation, bitumen content, bulk specific gravity, stability and flow
  • Field observations of compaction procedures and mix temperature
  • Measurement of thickness and compaction through core samples and nuclear density procedures



TSG’s Geotechnical Engineers and experienced technicians can provide testing and evaluation of:

  • Shallow foundation excavations
  • Deep foundations
  • Pile installation including pile load test and establishment of driving criteria
  • Drilled pier foundations
  • Complete Site Geotechnical Evaluation and Report


In addition, the following instrumentation services are available

Monitoring of the earth and structure behavior may be critical to safely providing remedial actions to specific conditions. Our staff evaluates the results and provides proper remedial actions and recommendations. Some of the instrumentation used has been the following:

  • 3D Crack Meters
  • Crack Meter & Joint Meter
  • EL Beam Sensors
  • Inclinometers/Slope Indicators
  • Piezometers (Stand Pipe or Pneumatic)
  • Settlement Plates
  • Strain Gauges
  • Temperature Sensors