Employee Portal

The information found on this website is for general reference and use by Total Solutions employees only.  Total Solutions reserves the right to change or revise information found on this website at any time within its sole discretion.

Complete benefit plan documents are available upon request. Specific benefit questions, requests for information on Total Solutions policies and procedures, provider/representative contact information or general website questions should be directed to Sheila Barnes at sbarnes@www.totalsolutions-inc.com or 256-705-0123.

Nothing contained on this website creates any contract of employment and your employment remains on an “At Will” basis.

TSI is an equal opportunity employer that engages in affirmative action pursuant to E.O. 11246 and implementing regulations. Employees who would like to review a copy of TSI’s Affirmative Action Plan may do so during regular business hours by contacting TSI’s Human Resources Department at 256-705-0123 and srbarnes@www.totalsolutions-inc.com.